In service to the community since November, 2017, the Idaho Prison Blog provides information about what is going on inside the Idaho State prison system.

Many of the pieces posted to this site are authored by Dale Shackelford, a prisoner housed at the ISCC since 2011. Prior to that, Shackelford spent a decade in solitary confinement on Idaho's Death Row (you can read about his case by clicking on the "Dale's Case" link in the sidebar). Shackelford has written for several newspapers, magazines and other publications for more than 40 years.

While some postings/articles are opinion pieces regarding the goings on at the Idaho State Correctional Center (ISCC) and throughout the IDOC, others provide facts, figures and information unavailable to the public anywhere else. This includes text of memorandums and (internal) emails sent to inmates by prison administrators and vendors, as well as practices and procedures generally kept out of view of the public.

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